Richard launches 'scandalous murdering of democracy'

The scandolous murderinRichard launches 'scandalous murdering of democracy'Tuesday saw the launch of one of the most talked and controversial book titled 'scandalous murdering of democracy' bearing subtitles such as 'When Army Generals take control of the country and When security Intelligence replaces political leadership.

The book was written by a 25 year old Motswana called Khumoekae Richard from Mbongwe. The author allegedly lost his job at the Francistown Technical College after he published the book due to the political fall-out created by the book. The launch attracted members of opposition parties and their followers.

When addressing attendants at the launch, Professor Lathi Jotia said he produces students who are supposed to go out and make an impact in the society. Jotia described Richard as brave saying "Richard is young but brave for having found it fit to inject a new injection in our society."

The book talks about how democracy is dying in Botswana. "This piece aspires to raise the consciousness about the democratic process of our generation," said Jotia.

Richard has been in positions of leadership throughout his life becoming the University of Botswana (UB) Student Representative Council (SRC) President in 2010/12.

Phenyo Butale who is the nominee Member of Parliament for Gaborone Central under The Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) said freedom of expression is fundamental to democracy. "We need to encourage writers to come out and tell their stories and experiences," Butale said

Poloko Pitwane who was wary of media reports about his presence said some may question the direction he is taking. "Everyone will come to a point when they realise its for the country," said Pitwane

The UDC Vice President Ndaba Gaolathe said young people are the key to the freedom of the people. "Richard has invested time and consciousness to work towards the future of this country," said Gaolathe.

In his speech the author said never in the history of this country has socio-economic affairs of the state been in such an abysmal state.

"Khama's rise to Presidency has heralded an era of democratic decay: effectively marking the genesis of bitter, ugly wars in the once peaceful society," said Richard

When addressing the issue of student representatives, Richard said the SRC across all institutions of higher learning have become endangered species as student leaders are casualties of the iron fisted government who suspends and expels willy-nilly.

"The power brawl between government and vocal paramount chiefs is one that no right-thinking man can ignore," asserted Richard

Richard decried arbitrary deportation of foreigners under Khama maintaining "At least until the end of 2010 Khama had expelled from Botswana 404 people in his nearly 3 years in power as compared to Former President Ketumile Masire who deported only 115 in his 18 years of power."

Richard said such a litany of events signalled the democratic assault on civil liberties and had to be documented, analysed and preserved for today's and tomorrow's use: for future generations and for the international community.

When encouraging young people to advocate for a better Botswana Richard said "If we can bargain and advocate collectively for a better Botswana as a bloc, we can move mountains and God can truly bless us and guide us as we shape the promising future."

Richard further said as a nation, we cannot afford to become victims.

"We shall change, in a practical sense, make this country, a country of the people, by the people ,for the people," said Richard

Scandalous murdering of democracy can be obtained from Exclusive Books at River Walk for P300



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