Madison officially opens Shop in Botswana

MADISON a specialty multi-brand retailer representing accessible luxury targeting very trendy women who know what they want officially opened shop in Game Thursday with a range of shoes that would make most connoisseurs envious.


The retailer endeavours to enable fashionable young Batswana to enjoy the luxury of pursuing world class trends in real time without going outside our borders.

Calvin Nthekeng, Owner of the Franchise in Botswana, said “It is an international brand and we felt it offered something completely different. It offers colours, style and originality. The ladies who are coming here appreciate the quality shoes available and customers are happy to keep up with international trends.”

He said, “What you see here is trending in the leading cities worldwide. This is what they are selling currently in United States, London and elsewhere.”

Nthekeng revealed the story which is situated in the extension of Game City as you walk past Edgars retail store at game City offers shoes for any occasion whether it is a bride preparing for her big day or a customers attending a wedding who wants to look very good.

The local businessman who cut his teeth selling shoes for comfort feels this store offers a step up to current offering and caters for a special type of women who wants to feel and look good.

“The response has been amazing. One of my customers who bought a shoe with us said that this is the first time they have bought a shoe in Botswana. She has already bought 3 shoes. That is how happy customers are with the quality of the brand,” said Nthekeng.

MADISON aims to inspire women by offering to adorn their closet without them having to spend a fortune.Since launching its first store in 2010, MADISON has become a premier shopping destination amongst fashionable young people. The retail locations and on-line store offer a well-edited selection of irresistible pieces to complement each customer’s individual style.

Inspired by classic design with contemporary updates, MADISON offers unique and feminine pieces, which fashionable women have come to love. MADISON’s collection is current and exciting, focusing on the most coveted styles with an emphasis on quality and detail.

Madison has promised to deliver something new to Botswana with every season with very fresh aesthetic featuring flattering cuts, colours and prints with a range of timeless shift dresses and luxurious sweaters to carefully curated accessories, ensuring everyone is catered for. Madison Game City has revealed that it will be offering more products with time.

“Botswana has always been a market we have wanted to penetrate and when Calvin came in he fitted profile of person we felt we could partner with,” said Shane McEnvoy, Managing Director of Madison Shoes International at store official opening.

He said, “We want to empower women without breaking the bank. We see very nice growth opportunities in Botswana and we are targeting women who follow international fashion trends. She is sassy and knows what she wants.”

Madison will be adding new shoes in July 2017.

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