Sleek Foods Provides Relish For Kfc Botswana

A local agro processing company Sleek Foods has won the right to supply
Chakalaka sourced from local vegetables such as carrots, onions as local
entrepreneurs begin to add value to the supply chain and make the most of
opportunities generated by an increasingly globalised world.

“I would like to grow into fast food market. I may have something for
Nando’s, McDonalds and other fast food outlets soon,” revealed Nkata
Sekleka, Managing Director of Sleek Foods.

She said, “We will start supplying KFC at Airport Junction, Gaborone West
and than I will supply the other 12 outlets around the country.”

Running a small company employing 12 part-time and 9 full time employee at
the incubator centre at Glen Valley, Seleka worked as an IT professional
for about 12 years before calling time on a full time job in the corporate
world and taking her chances in the jungle called the private sector.

An employee of De Beers until 2013 she decided to venture into business
after creating recipes and selling them on a part time basis in the mid

“My inspiration was my love for food,” said Seleka.

She said, “I struggled to find delicious condiments for food I cooked for
my husband. Sometimes I would buy something and use it only once and leave
it in the fridge and so I started making relishes for get together’s for
our friends. They would sample and often ask me to cook for them and
because this became tedio8u7s I would ask them to pay a fee. I therefore
started doing this part time over a period before venturing into it full

Armed with a CEDA loan of P1.4million she was able to get sponsored to see
machinery in India and ended buying one in neighboring South Africa after
an eye opening bench marking trip.

The result is that she is now able to supply 6000kg of relish a month to
Kentucky Fried Chicken after passing an audit that enables her company to
supply all KFC outlets around the region.

Seleka makes Chakalaka, tomato and onion relish serving the mild, hot,
lemon and herb.

Sleek Foods already supplies Spar, Choppies, Pick n Pay and Sefalana and
encouraged young budding enterpreneurs to be patient and persistent. “It
takes knocking on doors and not being scared of being turned down,” said

“We are happy with Sleek Foods and are not the only beneficiary of her
product. The local farmer who supplies her with vegetables, her employees
and other players in the value chain will also benefit,” said Gaamangwe
Maruapula, Acting General Manager of KFC Botswana.

He said, “There is now no limit for her. She can now approach all the KFC
outlets in the region to see if she can supply them with her product. She
will not need to go through another audit.”

Maruapula revealed Sleek Foods who had passed the YUM food safety audit at
the second attempt, could act as an inspiration for other enterpreneurs who
wanted to take advantages of existing opportunities. The YUM standard
ensures that there is a greater tracebility of any ingredients in products
supplied to KFC to facilitate decision making if there is a problem.

He encouraged local enterpreneurs to make an effort to establish what
opportunities existed, so that they could try to fill gap and create jobs
and wealth for Batswana.

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