Boerboel Breeders Conduct Milestone Appraisal

Rokafela Bruno with owner Sello Motseta of Tswana BoerboelsBotswana’s leading Boerboel breeders converged on Game City Mall upper parking lot Saturday morning to conduct the first appraisal in the country under the newly introduced linear system.

It was the second time the South African Boerboel Breeders Association(SABBS) sanctioned event is held in Gaborone, Botswana for local Boerboel breeders.

“The introduction of the linera appraisal and best linear unbiased prediction(BLUP) classification system is designed to help breeders make informed decisions based on collectred scientific data,” said Sello Motseta, Boerboel Appraisal Event Convenor and Director of Tswana Boerboels.

He said, “This the second year time we have hosted the exercise in Botswana and we were quite happy with the turnout having exceeded the 15 Boerboel threshold to hold an appraisal. We are also excited to note that most of the dogs were being appraised for the first time and we did not see any repeat appraisals and we got an entrant from neighbouring South Africa – which bode well for the events future.”

The event was the first time the new linear evaluation process wa employed as SABBS endeavours to conform to Linear Appraisal and Best Linear Unbiased Prediction System (BLUP)and develop linear appraisal database of 4,000 Boerboels.

According to an article written by South African Boerboel Breeders Soicety(SABBS) Chairperson Kenny van der Merwe in the official SABBS newsletter , explaining the implementation of the linear appraisal exercise which started on the 28th January 2017 in Cape Town, the system is being rolled out to all regions around the world where Boerboel appraisals are being conducted to ensure standardization of scores and ensure improved information on identifiable heritable characteristics.

The actual appraisal consists of observing the individual Boerboel and measuring it as an individual against the breed standard. The Boerboel assessment process is divided into eight major sections and each sections is broken up into smaller parts for a total of 48 different areas.

“Appraisals are costly so the cost of every Botswana Boerboel owner going to SA for appraisal is slightly difficult and appraisals on its own helps with awareness for other Botswana who are still cross breeding it with other dog breeds,” said MODIRI DESMOND KOLOLO, BLCKOPS BREEDERS, who started breeding Boerboels in 2013 after he discerned that it had a superior ability to guard homes and property.

He said, “The new linear system will improve the breed and the measurement is very important because it will show how an ideal Boerboel will look like ensuring the height and weight has to be proportional although there is a lot to still learn from new system.”

The appraisal is a tool Boerbel breeders use to select breeding stock. Boerboel beeders use the appraisal to see where their dogs have faults or where they excel and than try to make pairings using this information. For example, breeders would not typically breed a dog with a negative bite with another dog with a negative for bite. 

The minimum age for appraising a Boerboel is 12 montsh – with the recommended age being 18 months. Boerboels have toi be SABBS registered, DNA profiled and microchipped. Scores of Boerboels at the just ended event are expected to be announced over the next fortnight with prizes sponsored by Royal Canine, WUMA and Jock for top 4 males and females as well as medals for Top 3 in each category.

The event was sponsored by Peermont Mondior(Accomodation for Appraiser), Atom Yard(WUMA food prizes for top 4 dogs male and female), Animed(Distributors of Royal Canine for food prizes for top 4 dogs male/female), Agri Feed(Feeding dogs during exercise and food prizes for top 4 dogs male/female) and BSPCA(Botswana Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty to Animals)for presentation on animal welfare.

Anemarie Pretorius(SABBS) provided appraiser for event and Botswana Insurance Company(BIC) sponsored payments in kind to alleviate costs of hosting event whilst Game City Shopping Mall sponsored venue.


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