CA Listing Boosts Local Bourse

Johan Holtzhausen, Non-Executive Chairman


- Masisi Lauds BSE For Wealth Creation Opportunities 

Vice President Mokgweetsi Masisi lauded the listing of CA Sales Holdings Limited on the Botswana Stock Exchange(BSE) as the appropriate symbiotic partnership between local capital markets and businesses wishing to raise capital for expansion and growth.

It is the second listing at the BSE that Masisi, who will assume the Presidency on the 1st April 2018, has undertaken in 2017, having been invited to the GetBucks Listing earlier this year.

Through this listing, CA Sales will join five (5) companies already listed on the BSE under the Retail and Wholesaling sector,” said Masisi in official opening remarks at the CA Sales Holding offices in Commerce Park, a business precinct bordering Kgale in the Bamalete area.

He said, “I am informed that the total amount of capital raised during the IPO period is P470 Million. I am further informed that out of the total raised, P420 Million will accrue to the selling shareholders and P50 Million will accrue to the company. The anticipated market capitalization (market value) of the company on the day of listing, which is today, is P1.5 Billion.”

Masisi expressed gratitude to the company for pursuing a primary listing on the BSE. More often than not, big companies undertake primary listings in major markets, only to do a secondary listing in developing economies, such as Botswana.

Companies which decide to do a primary listing in Botswana, are making a wise decision because Botswana is the best place to raise capital to pursue expansion, since there is an abundant pool of capital from pension funds looking for listed assets,’ said Masisi.

He said, “I am equally elated by the opportunity presented to individual investors, particularly Batswana, who through their participation, can generate wealth from capital appreciation when the share price goes up, and dividends when the company makes a profit.” 

Even though Botswana has gained a reputation for its remarkable economic growth, building a spirit of self-reliance among its citizens is very important. That is the ‘Wealth Creation’ that the BSE contends it is promoting, and one Government supports.

Through the CA Sales listing, Batswana have the opportunity to have a share in the company and benefit from its growth say officials.

CA Sales and Distribution commenced trading some 27 years ago, as CA Enterprises in Botswana. In 2004 Dafin Sales and in 2006 Kalahari Sales were acquired by CA Enterprises and the name was changed to CA Sales and Distribution. CA Sales and Distribution provides full distributorship services in Botswana for ambient products. It is the largest distributorship business in Botswana.

CA Sales is the parent company of businesses that operate in Southern Africa. It operates within the FMCG industry and delivers services to blue chip manufacturers, both locally and internationally. Its service offering includes selling, merchandising, warehousing, distribution, debtors administration, marketing & promotions, point of sale warehousing and training.The group has offices and facilities in all the main centres throughout Botswana, Swaziland, Namibia, South Africa, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique.

The portfolio of principals represented covers all categories of consumer products namely food, homecare, personal care, consumer durables, snack and confectionary, paper products, beverages, pet care, alcoholic beverages, frozen food, ice cream, tobacco products and accessories.

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