“Guard against Corruption”- Cautions DCEC

The Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime has cautioned employees of
the Mahalapye Sub District Council to guard against corrupt practices in
their service to the nation, during a seminar hosted by the council.

Deliberating on an educational seminar organized for the council workers
under the Theme “*Manifestation, Causes & Interventions,’’* the DCEC
representative Segwabe Keokhubametse revealed that corruption was a
worrisome occurrence that crippled the whole world.

According to the youthful Segwabe corruption was measured by the
Transparency International rates public sector Corruption worldwide.
“Botswana scored 60% in 2016; 35 out of 175 countries assessed’’said

The Corruption perception Index (TI ratings) indices is used to classify
countries, he said. This made Botswana the least corrupt country, however
Keokhubametse was quick to cite that the rankings have been declining over
time as the country continues to witness escalated rates of corruption
leading to a decline in stature and standing.

Factors such as Democracy, Accountability, Transparency, and Availability
of oversight institutions and level of economic growth were indicators used
to accord rankings explained Keokhubametse.

The Directorate on Corruption and Economic crime is a body that was
established in September 1994 under the corruption and economic crime Act.
The body functions to investigate issues of corruption and it is mandated
to “receive any allegations of crime and investigate them and ensure that
all corrupt are trialed in courts.’’

Keokhubametse said their unit operated under three divisions namely;
Investigation, prevention and education divisions.

According to DCEC corruption prone departments included the central
Transport Organisation, Teaching Service Administration, District Councils.
These departments respectively fall under the Transport and Communication,
Education and Local Government ministries. Buying of Driver’s license or
trading licenses and misuse of office resources by council workers were
thus discouraged by the DCEC.

Although over the years Botswana has seen a rise in Corruption, some
milestone corruption cases includes the P27 million tender of primary
school teaching material in 1991 and the Christie Commission in 1992 that
involved BHC collusive tendering practices, fraudulent award of tenders and
conflicts of interest.

According to DCEC officials “Often Corruption is associated with senior
employees, which leaves the lower ones with an option of being corrupt as
they were unsupervised.’’

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