COSBOTS clears air on royalty payments

Explains royalty payments for BOT 50 celebrations

-  Allegations on embezzlement of funds

-  Encourage stakeholders to pay license fees


Seeletso Ipeleng LekgabaCorporate Communications Manager for Copyright Society of Botswana


Recent reports regarding complaints of non-payment of royalties by COSBOTS, are not only unfounded but also gravely incorrect. It is alleged that The Copyright Society of Botswana, (COSBOTS) members should have received higher royalty payments due to the announced 100% air play of local music by Broadcasters during the BOT 50 Independence celebrations period.


This is not only factually incorrect, but misleading. COSBOTS held a Distribution Workshop for its members in December to unpack the distribution as it always does prior to issuing royalties and the distribution period was explained. It is unfortunate that the said members, if they were not in attendance at the workshop or if they missed the debate on this matter, had not requested clarification or assistance from COSBOTS office, 


Position: COSBOTS strongly condemns these sources of misinformation who maliciously continue to spread fabricated information on the just ended distribution (December 2016).  COSBOTS reiterates, through the Board and management, that we remain steadfast in fulfilling our mandate and state the facts as follows;


  1. 1.Non Payment of BOT 50 /September 2016 Royalties


COSBOTS requests members to inform the office of all events they participate in so as to assist in licensing the events. This information is vital for efficient licensing that will lead to a distribution.  Incidentally, Members have requested COSBOTS to be more aggressive in its licensing and collection and to enforce compliance with the Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act.


2.    Maladministration and Embezzlement of Funds – The COSBOTS Board responded to allegations contained in the ‘legal opinion’ issued in August last year by investigating the validity of the allegations. The exercise was executed through the engagement of external legal and corporate governance consultants. The report, adopted by the Board, found that most of the issues raised were baseless and even false. Two specific administrative items were determined as warranting merit for review. The report was presented at an Extraordinary General Meeting, and these issues were reported to the members. The Board requested and was given the authorization to address these issues as soon as practically possible.


3.    In determining a positive and professional response to the concerned members, we need urgently to work together to convince users to pay license fees on time for the use of copyrighted works, which will enable the Society to distribute appropriate royalties.

COSBOTS advises that we are a fledgling collective management organization (CMO), learning and aligning its processes and procedures towards meeting the highest standards in the industry. This is in line with our vision to become the best CMO in the world. COSBOTS will continue to educate its members on copyright matters and in addition work with stakeholders who have the mandate to educate the public on intellectual property. Copyright Administration remains a key component for our youth driven creative industry to realize its economic potential. 

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