Babareki officialy launch Hello Motor Insurance Plan

Babereki Insurance Brokers officially launched Babereki Motor Scheme for BOPEU members at Wagga Gardens Saturday at a ceremony littered with much member fanfare and entertainment.

Thabo Percy Seema, BOPEU Regional Chairperson Gaborone Region 3, said “For the longest time in Botswana we have been having a gap in the market when it came to insuring some of our member’s imported cars. The launch of Hello Motor will help address this gap because it is affordable.”

He said, “It will help us to push insurance companies to reduce prices. We have the numbers and we are able to negotiate better. If more unions do this it will help Batswana get access to insurance.”

Babereki Investments(Pty)Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of BOPEU and was incorporated by BOPEU in 2005 in order to delink the business from the advocacy role of the union. The launch of the Motor scheme is designed to encourage to provide affordable insurance cover for members.

Sharla Egner, Principal Officer for Babereki Insurance Brokers, said, “As a general rule it is sometimes said the price does not matter. It does. But it is also the quality.  With Hello Motor got price we could get and the widest possible cover for that price. For example, if you go to underwriter looking for insurance for a car and you recently got a license the premium will be affected by experience, accident history and age. This insurance cover tries to avoid all those hurdles.”

She said, “Homeowners also avoid premium affected by whether the house is built with iron roof, tile or thatch. It also gives us opportunity to educate members on benefits of getting insurance to avoid a situation where their house is burnt and they have to make appeals for donations.”

The Hello Motor Scheme is a unique product and service offering and is very reasonably priced.

Nokuthaba Mtunzie, BIC Underwriting Manager, said “The way we designed this insurance cover is that there is no company which will offer a better product. Cover is wider and reasonably priced. We also have a good claims system. We can insure any vehicle owned by members such as both local and imports. There is also cheapest cover on houses with small premiums. A house worth P1m can be covered with annual instalments of P1000.00. “

She said, “If anything happens to your house when it is damaged by a cyclone, storm or flood we cover your house. We also cover home contents including things stolen from your house or burnt without requiring that you need to own house. There is also personal all risks cover for labtops, cellphones, contents of handbag, jewellery stolen from BOPEU members.”



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