Orange Botswana Continues to Support Botswana’s SMMEs

Orange Botswana values the role of local Small, Micro and Medium Enterprises (SMMEs) as a veritable engine for growth of the National economy. The brand is also unwaveringly passionate about enhancing community development, and it is for these two reasons primarily that Orange Botswana has embarked on a project to empower loyal customers.

The programme, which began in July 2017, continues to grow, and sees Orange Botswana provide customers with mobile tuck shops. This allows SMME customers to sell their products and services, safely, and comfortably, further enabling their growth. To date, 40 mobile tuck shops have been distributed across Botswana.

Orange Botswana Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Patrick Benon, said “We are excited to partner with local SMMEs who have been promoting and selling the Orange Botswana brand for some time now. We have assisted before with smaller aspects such as umbrellas for their stands, and table coverings, for example. Now, a key need they have shared is that of shelter and a more resilient structure from which to trade, and we are simply happy to be able to give them this. This allows them to enhance the convenience of how they trade, and offers a means to grow their business in many ways.”

The mobile tuck shops are distributed to dealers who are already part of the Orange Botswana regional footprint and who take up provision of Orange products and services in their respective areas. This mobility of the tuck shop allows the proprietors to bring products and services closer to the people.


Beneficiaries of the mobile tuck shops are carefully selected to take into account potential to reach out to customers where Orange Botswana has network coverage but does not have own shops.  The selected dealers will ensure key product availability, visibility and recommendation and thereby growing their businesses.

Orange Botswana continues to support growing Batswana and this engine of growth for our economy. 

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