BQA, Health Professionals sign MoU

A memorandum of understanding signed between the Botswana Qualifications Authority(BQA) and the Botswana Health Professionals Council(BHPC) to promote co-operation in providing regulation for education and training in the health sector.

“The main objective of this MoU is to promote harmony between the two sectors of education and health. The need for dialogue between supply(education and training) and demand(employ) cannot be overemphasized,” said Abel Modungwa, Chief Executive Officer for the Botswana Qualifications Authority(BQA).

He said, “A key role in quality assurance of education and training is accreditation of learning programmes. BQA engages subject matter experts to validate learning programme. This can be quite a challenge and has in the past delayed some applications for accreditation of new learning programmes due to shortage of experts in certain fields.”

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) will ensure that the BHPC reviews any health profession learning programme submitted to BQA for accreditation. BHPC will carry out the necessary quality assurance processes in relation to the submitted learning programmes working directly with the Education and Training Providers and advice on appropriate accreditation decision to BQA.

The agreement underlines a commitment to sharing resources, monitoring compliance as well as providing training to staff of both organizations on quality assurance and other related services to ensure an improved and seamless approach to training in this sector.

This will promote articulation and progression and will result in a national health qualification that is portable, internationally comparable and will facilitate seamless learner mobility. The overall objective is to produce graduates that are job ready, can self-employ ad are globally competitive.

“We are currently engaging with organizations such as the Law Society of Botswana, Engineers Registration Board, Botswana Accounting Oversight Authority, Civil Aviation Authority of Botswana and Botswana Institute of Engineers to enter into this MoU’s if this nature. I cannot overemphasize that BQA is committed to regulating the education, training and skills development with active involvement of industry,” said Modungwa.

BQA alleges that Botswana faces challenges of unemployment which is caused by mismatch of skills and industry needs. It contends that part of BQA’s mandate is to improve access to, equity, relevance and quality of education and training.

The provision and maintenance of the National Credit and Qualifications Framework as envisioned by the BQA Act, mark the introduction of an outcomes based system in Botswana.

It will ensure clear definition of levels, qualifications and it will detail skills, knowledge and competencies expected at each level.


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