Family suspects negligence at Scottish Livingston Hospital

A lady from Itlhabanele ward in Molepolole has become a victim of what is suspected to be negligence by Scottish Livingstone Hospital personnel, after falling from the first floor on the 26thMay 2016 and incurring grave injuries leading to her death two days later.

Ms Golefemang Gaofose a native of Molepolole was admitted as patient to Scottish Livingstone as it is the only high facility hospital that caters for people living in and around Molepolole for special medical treatment.

According to investigations done by this publication Ms Gaofose was unattended to when she fell from the balcony of the first floor on May 26. The patient sustained injuries to her right arm, pelvis and thigh bones.

Speaking to this publication Kelebemang Moffat her son revealed, "My mother was a patient at Scottish Livingstone hospital. On the day of the incident, I had just visited my mother and I left at around 6 pm. I received a call from the hospital at around 9pm and I was told that my mother had fallen of the balcony."

Moffatt told this publication that "My mother sustained injuries to the back of her head, right side of her arm and pelvis. She was immediately referred to Princess Marina Hospital where she passed away on the 27th May."

Moffatt continued to tell The Tswana Times that "My family had problems in getting answers from the hospital as they were not clear on what the cause of death was. At first we were told it was her medical condition and not the fall."
Kelebemang Moffat also revealed that "It seems like the hospital did want us to know about the injuries to the back of her head."

The hospital indicated that laryngeal cancer was the cause of death and only displayed injuries to Ms Gaofose's limbs and not posterior. Gaofose's family was not pleased with the service that was provided by the family as they do not understand why the x-rays were withheld.

When the The Tswana Times visited the police to get a comment on the issue, we could not get a hold of the station commander in Molepolole. Nor were the Public Relations Unit prepared to comment on the matter.

Village police public relations officer Wilson Bosija said, "The Ministry of Health and the hospital are in a better position to comment because the lady was their patient and was under their care. What I confirm is that, yes we heard that there was an accident at the hospital and that she passed away."

The Scottish Livingstone hospital could not be reached for comment at the time of publishing as they are yet to respond to a questionnaire sent by this publication.
Gaofose was buried on the 5th of May and her post mortem was only released a few weeks later.


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