ICT Fair stimulates desire for increased use of technology

Event management company Casto Iron hosted an ICT business to business Fair at Molapo Piazzo Wednesday with over 40 exhibitors based on theme 'Converged ICT for better Economy.

With undersea cables such as WACCS, EASsy, about 150% percent cellphone penetration and 8000 IT and ICT graduates, it was felt that there was a strong need to encourage buying and supporting homegrown technologies.

"There is a dire need to bring down ICT costs for example, access to Internet for increased affordability and use because Botswana needs Knowledge based Economy," said Loago Lily Onthusitse, Innovation Liaison at The Castiron.

She said, "Need to introspect on how far we have gone as a country in ICT Development."

Innovative Local ICT company Ditec Mobiles which assemblse cellphones in Botswana offering a range of makes from High end smartphones to lower end handsets was represented by Amantle Dichaba, younger brother of the conmpany's Managing Director.

Ditech has penetrated the Ugandan market and now they want to penetrate the Botswana Market. Their cellphones will be readily available in all Cell City shops soon. They also have a mobile store called 'Di Apps' where local local apps can be bought. The local made Apps will be pre-installed in the Ditec Mobiles.

Another company Solid works and TurboCAD companies -from South Africa presented on how their design tools can be used for mechanical,eletrical, construction design .

The two companies showed how their solutions can be used for both 2D and 3D, they can also be used for prototyping, animation and simumilation. Solid Works provides 3D printing while Turbo CAD provides Computer Aided Designs.

Studies have shown that increase of 10% in Broadband penetration accelerates economic growth by about 1%. A number of African and world countries have also acknowledged this through statistics of the contribution that ICT is making to their GDP.

The digital age however brings its own perils and as such ICL Botswana is actively involved in the government drive on Cyber security. As the oldest citizen owned ICT company, ICL Botswana is bringing a number of innovative technologies to the Botswana market and the region that include:

- Cloud solutions in the Service Desk/Call Centre applications

- Customer Visitation Management solutions

- Banking solutions

- Collaboration Solutions

- Document and Record Management Solutions

- Network Solutions

- Human Expertise to support both Service Providers and Consumers

- Consumer IT Hardware

"There is no doubt that ICT has completely revolutionized the way we live, communicate, work, the way we do business and even the way we play," said Champion Ngulube, Business Development Manager of ICL Botswana.

He said, "ICT is in every household. We have come up with solutions today that 5 years ago seemed almost impossible. Information can be accessed at the touch of a button. Even government has not been left behind."

Ngulube revealed that the Government of Botswana continue to make great strides in the planning and implementation of necessary policies, strategies and setup of institutions such as Maitlamo, Broadband Strategy, ICT Policy, e-Gov, BIH and others focussed on transforming our country into a Knowledge economy through the rollout of Broadband technology.

"We thus anticipate and indeed have seen the emergence of a number of ICT businesses taking advantage of this to bring home grown innovative products and services to the consumers," observed Ngulube.


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