Mascom launches online portal

  • Tsena envisioned to be an online gateway to Botswana.

Tsena - An online one stop shop, and information sharing platform on anything and everything about Botswana, consisting of news content not paid for and produced by journalists paid for by a variety of newspapers was launched in a low key ceremony by Mascom Tuesday night at Phakalane Golf Club.

The word "Tsena" is a Setswana word meaning enter.  Tsena is envisioned to be the online gateway to Botswana; a portal where Batswana and the rest of the world can be more informed about Botswana.

The objective of Tsena is to take the country to the rest of the world, to celebrate Botswana's achievements and successes, increase community interaction by sharing a wide range of information and enable users to explore, see and experience Botswana through the eyes of her people.

At the portal's launch held in Gaborone on the 23rd of August, Tsena's Project Manager, Thato Moruti said there is more to Botswana and it is Batswana's responsibility to tell their own stories to the world.

"There is so much more to Botswana than just nature, beef and diamonds.  It is our responsibility as Batswana to ensure we take Botswana to the rest of the world, imploring people to visit and even invest and in doing so, enable Batswana to also know more about their country and its people.  With Tsena, you are able to find out anything and everything about Botswana and information on Tsena is accessible from anywhere at anytime."

Through Tsena, Moruti says they aim to increase community interaction and information sharing as well as increase the use of ICT across the country.

"The best storytellers are those that have been cast in the actual story.  This means that the best storytellers about Botswana are Batswana and those who have interacted with Batswana.  Go to Tsena to share your BW story and open the door to everything Botswana has to offer.  Every news portal is basic and shares the same information but Tsena is about Botswana by Batswana. Tsena. Bona Botswana.  Make it your daily information portal."

The online information sharing platform is a community portal powered by cellphone giant Mascom Wireless.


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