New Samsung Game Store punts Galaxy S8+

The Samsung store at Game City used the promotion for their new store next to Stutterfords and Edgars to unveil its new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8+, the Korean giant's latest attempt to take on competitor iPhone.

The launch of the device is seen by cynic as a litmus test for the cell giant which was as a crucial moment for Samsung which was forced to recall and cease production of the Galaxy Note 7, its previous top-end phone.

The new device comes in two sizes, the 5.8-inch S8 and the 6.2-inch S8+. They feature a new design in which the "infinity display" wraps around the device, meaning that the large screen takes up almost all the front of the phone. 

The S8 can also be unlocked using facial recognition, and will feature a new voice-controlled virtual assistant Bixby, later this year. It is Samsung’s first major phone launch since the doomed Note 7, which plunged the group into crisis when dozens of the models were found to overheat and burst into flames.

“This is the most experiential shop in Botswana. It allows customers to explore latest Samsung products on the market. For example, we now sell water and rust resistant cellphones like the IP68,” said Tshepo Tsogang, Samsung Marketing Team Botswana. He said, “Anyone buying this device gets a free wireless charger.”

The S8+ has the largest screen possible for a device of its size and reinforces Samsungs commitment top staying ahead. Botswana is also now selling Series 9 Curved SUHD Samsung TV’s.

“This TV has a quantum dot display. It is the latest technology on SUHD and gives you life like image with good picture illumination,” said Tsogang at Game City on Saturday.

He said, “The quantum dot pixilates at 1 billion colours as opposed to the 16 million colours of most conventional platforms. You are looking at 64 times more colour enhancement and clarity.”

Samsung a pioneer in TV technology has also developed anti-reflective technology to reduce glare of sun’s rays on TV screens for discerning watchers. The Samsung store also boasts new laundry solution washing machines with built in sinks alongside a dual wash and a top loading system designed to reduce strain of doing laundry.

Samsung microwaves ovens are coming with a 10 year guarantee and their twin series refrigerator has no frost and has independent cooling systems with only one compressors.



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