CASAWU interdicts Cash Crusaders over lie detector test

Employees of Cash Crusaders retail stores in Gaborone, have engaged the Cashiers Shop, Assistants and Allied Workers Union (CASAWU) to intervene on their behalf to stop their employers from using a lie detector test during employee performance reviews.

Newly formed CASAWU which was registered May 2015 represents workers in the private sector in the Retail, Manufacturing sector, wholesale and Motor Trades. 

It has a general membership of over 3,000 employees. CASAWU was approached by some Cash Crusaders employees, who are its members on Monday the 8th of August.

The employees felt that Cash Crusader was using an unfair method of dismissing them from work and denying them severance pay.

Cash Crusader which is owned by Progressive retail holdings has been using lie detector test under the guise of Voice Stress Analysis. The Tswana Times investigations have discovered that Voice Stress Analysis test are used to measure the employees credibility in the work place.

The tests involves a series of questions asked to employees by Cash Crusaders with responses recorded onto a computer. The audio will then be evaluated on a computer program, to determine the necessary action to take against an employee who has either passed or failed.

The employees found to be guilty are asked to submit their resignation letters. However employees feel questions asked during the test are irrelevant. The questions allegedly asked include “Are you going to steal in the work place? as well as ‘Do you enjoy working here?” to name a few.

CASAWU has been asked by employees to talk with the retail shops management to stop using the Voice Stress Analysis which are currently progressing throughout the first two weeks of the August month.

CASAWU Secretary General Opelo Baleseng confirmed to The Tswana Times they were intervening on behalf of employees to stop the voice analysis test.

“We have rushed our lawyers to get a court order to stop these tests,” said Balaseng.

The union representatives also met with one of the managers at Cash Crusaders retail store in Game city where the Voice Analysis tests were ongoing to present their case on Monday.

The meeting with the manager was successful but did not achieve the desired result, as the manager could only refer the union to her supervisor.

When visited by this publication for a comment Cash Crusaders management at the Game City branch office refused to comment. However, The Tswana Times investigations have revealed various comntradictory reasons for using the tests.

“It helps to stop a crime before it happens and it helps remove those who have a thieving mentality and it helps identify employees with good intentions.”

Cash Crusaders have rejected claims using lie detector test was irregular saying it was routinely used at banks, security companies and mining companies.

The source continued to state that “Voice Analysis Test are stated in the contract of employment before employees sign.”

However CASAWU`s National Organizing Secretary Dimpho Nyambe said, “Employees are signing contracts without being thoroughly informed about what exactly is a Voice Stress Analysis and also their contracts state that tests are mandatory not optional as we were told by the manager of the game city office.”

Some employees of Cash Crusaders who spoke on conditions of anonymity to this publication, said “We do not like doing the tests.”

Legal representatives have now been engaged by CASAWU which has managed to get a petition signed by the disgruntled employees of Cash Crusaders.

The petition has been passed to their legal representative Nkiwane Ndaba of Ndaba Attorneys who has now served Progressive retail holdings with an interdict on Thursday.

CASAWU wants the test to stop with immediate effect as they feel it is creating an unfavourable working condition for employees.

CASAWU National Organising Secretary Dimpho Nyambe said, “We want Cash Crusader to stop using these machines on their employees. They did not create a favourable working environment for the employees.”


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