Mogwera Confident of Bopeu Future

The Botswana Public Employees Union (BOPEU) President Masego Mogwera told The Tswana Times in an interview that she is confident BOPEU will continue to break new grounds by furthering its membership drive and improving support networks for members after parting ways with Former Babereki Chairperson Andrew Motsamai.

Mogwera would not be drawn into discussing the reasons for the premature severance of the relationship with the long time unionist leader saying it was normal that when there is a breakdown in a relationship between parties that they can part amicably without rendering the organization inoperable.

“We have parted ways with Comrade Motsamai. I will not disclose reasons for his departure,” said Mogwera. She said, “Matters of relations between employer and employee are by the nature confidential. We need to honour these obligations as a union.”

Mogwera stressed that even if you go to Government enclave you will note that when they part ways with employees, they will not disclose details. 

Asked if there was a forensic audit into the former unionists dealings as alleged in various media reports, Mogwera maintained that an internal audit was underway as normal because the financial year ends in June.

“We are doing an audit as per requirements of the constitution,” said Mogwera.

BOPEU continues to pursue the 5 year strategic plan approved by the membership Congress as well as the resolutions of the Central executive Committee.

“There is nothing hindering us,” said Mogwera.

Mogwera insisted that customer satisfaction is key and that she was determined to ensure that she delivers to members expectations by improving accessibility to bursaries and loan schemes.

“BOPEU offers loans at affordable rates,” said Mogwera.

Mogwera however expressed disquiet with employer over the dysfunctional Bargaining Council.

“We want bargaining council to proceed. Government must find ways to make it functional,” said Mogwera. 

She said, “The threshold in constitution of PSBC is a major stumbling block. Only one of the recognized unions meet threshold requirement.”

Mogwera also believes that the Bargaining Council should continue to be independent. It should not be supervised by employer.

Mogwera revealed BOPEU countrywide roadshows used to launch the unique and accessible Hello Motor Insurance scheme providing insurance cover for affordable imported cover were also used concurrently to drive membership recruitment. 

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