DCEC asked to conclude investigations on Olopeng and Guma

The Directorate of Economic Crime(DCEC) was Wednesday given a period of two months by the Village Magistrate Court to conclude their investigations into the company's accounts of IRB Transport which belongs to Guma Moyo and Minister of Sports and Youth Thapelo Olopeng after being frozen, following suspicions of bribery and corruption.

Dick Bayford has noted that as much as DCEC and other law enforcement are permitted by law to investigate individual accounts and suspicious transaction activity there must be checks and balances placed on such exercises, which must be supervised by the court. He also noted that the funds in the bank accounts will remain frozen and that Moyo and Olopeng will be allowed to do transactions in a new account they have opened.

"The business and activities of the company as well as the lives of Olopeng and Moyo should not come to an end because of these investigations," said Dick Bayford. ''Olopeng and Guma Moyo should be allowed by the law to access company accounts and withdraw money to meet their basic needs such as food," said Dick Bayford after the hearing at Village Magistrate court yesterday.

The Directorate of Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC) through the Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP) on the 23rd of June 2015 applied for a court order to have the bank accounts belonging to IRB Transport Company, which belongs to Guma Moyo frozen. Papers before the court also indicate that Thapelo Olopeng, Minister of Youth Sports and Culture as well as Standard Chartered Bank have been dragged into this matter. Moses Kadye and Dick Bayford represent Moyo (1st respondent), Parks Tafa represents Standard Chartered Bank (3rd respondent) and Onkagetse Pusoentsi represents Olopeng (2nd respondent).

Upon hearing both parties Village Magistrate Oahile Linah Mokibe told court that the Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP) should conclude their investigations timeously without unnecessarily prejudicing the livelihoods and rights of the accused, so that they can exercise a right to defend themselves if the situation should so dictate.


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