Montshiwa’s murder accused denied bail

The Village Magistrate Court in Gaborone Tuesday denied two men bail. The duo Bampoloki Seeiso and Tumelo Tshukudu are accused of the murder of the late Fair Ground Holding, Chief Executive Officer, Michael Montshiwa. They appeared before Ike Raphael of Village Magistrate Court.

The accused was arrested and charged with Montshiwa's murder on the December 29, 2015 and another male a South African citizen, who is at large in South African.

State Lawyer Ernest Mosate told the court that the investigation into the murder are ongoing and indicated that because of the sensitivity of the case, the police will not disclose any further information.

"The third accused is still at large and yet to be arrested, stating that whilst still they are looking for him they cannot stop him from communicating with the co-accused and we plead with the court to be remanded in custody,"said Mosate.

"We do not want to jeopadise such investigations because for instance, before the accused person was served with their charge sheet it was already circulating on social media,"said Mosate.

In their defence, the Defence Lawyer Enock Mazonde told court that his clients are candidates for bail as the main culprit is out there enjoying bail. " The person who committed this crime is out there enjoying his freedom while you are denying my clients bail, they should be charged with possesion of firearms not murder,"said Mazonde.

He further explained that the investigating team have not conducted a search at the accused homes and wonder how they are doing their investigations. "The investigation team have not attended the accused until the 7th of this month that is when they come to take the 2nd accused despite the seriousness and sensitivity of this matter,"said Mazonde.

The Investigation Officer, Detective Superintendent Marapo, told court how they linked the two men to the case, saying one of the accused had sold a rifle to another accused person in the matter which police believe was used to kill Montshiwa.

After hearing both sides the Magistrate withheld bail for the two men. The case will continue on the 26th January 2016, while another accused person in this matter will appear on the January 25, 2016.


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