Moswaane's motion causes chaos in Parliament

Parliament was this morning thrown into chaos when Member of Parliament for Francistown West Ignatius Moswaane tabled an urgent motion calling on Parliament to expunge records in which Leader of Opposition Duma Boko issued a statement in February condemning the Government for attacking China over its territorial claims to the South China Sea.

Moswaane's motion seemed to have rubbed the Opposition Members of Parliament the wrong way as they 'swore' that no Parliament business will go on if the speaker allowed that motion to be debated in Parliament.

Things got tense when Member of Parliament for Jwaneng/Mabutsane, Shawn Nthaile, went to Moswaane's seat where they nearly got into a physical fight and then went over to the Vice President Mokgweetsi Masisi, who is also the Leader of the House before being dragged back to his seat by opposition colleagues.

Opposition MP's were arguing that the motion is not urgent and when it seemed clear the Speaker Gladys Kokorwe was going to allow Moswaane's motion to be debated they all switched on their microphones making it difficult for the motion to be debated and forcing Parliament to be adjourned till the winter session.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with this publication after the adjournment of Parliament the Member of Parliament, for Gaborone Central from the Umbrella for Democratic Change Dr Phenyo Butale said they have always said that they are faced with a very biased Speaker who is hell bent on censoring the Opposition Members of Parliament and is making very controversial rulings to protect the Botswana Democratic Party and embarrass the UDC.

"Moswaane is notorious for these kind of shenanigans ,he was sent to come and apply for a motion of urgency to expunge the statement that was made by the Leader of Opposition," said Butale.

"We felt very strongly that the motion did not meet the requirements of urgency and it was not a matter of public importance and when we raised these issues the Speaker was clearly convinced that it is because she was part of the BDP.She was part of the whole plan so that's the reason we did what we did today," he added.

Boko has revealed that he made his comments about the closure of the Chinese embassy solely basing on what he had learnt from the media.


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