PPDAB implements online procurement registration system

PPADBchair2PPDAB Executive Chairperson Bridget Popi JohnThe Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Board (PPDAB) Wednesday announced the launch of a new on-line procurement electronic registration system called the integrated procurement management system. The new system is expected to help procuring entities to register with PPDAB wherever they are without having to travel long distances to Gaborone as in the past to collect forms and conduct the certification process.

"As of today the 27th of March 2013,PPDAB is strictly going online as we want to improve the use of our services to our customers wherever they are without them having to come in person to our offices, "said Bridget Popi John, the Executive Chairperson of PPDAB.

John said they found it fitting to come up with the initiative as a way of improving access to e-services and in order to create a conducive environment for doing business in Botswana. She added that companies already certified with PPDAB for procurement will not need to re-register online as their existing information has already been added to the system.

John however said that PPDAB and its customers will need to take baby steps to familiarize themselves with the system. To help achieve this, the executive chairperson said they have endorsed a service desk and customer research centre for those who may find system technically difficult to use. The system is said to enable users to register with a personal password and sign in with it at any time of their choosing.

The PPDAB Executive Director said the new system has also been designed to interface with other complying government departments to prevent forgery for example in the reproduction of false VAT clearance certificates from clients such as the Botswana Unified Revenue Service (BURS).

A representative from Next Tenders India operating in Botswana Hiren Thutihja, who are also the system developers stated that the system is user friendly as contractors may face little difficulty in using it.

"Botswana is the first African country to pilot the system and I must say that this is one of the best and easiest systems to use for contractor registration to avoid commotion in offices for those seeking help," said Hiren Thutihya.

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