Department of Geological Survey Building officially opened

Kitso MokailaMinister of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources Kitso MokailaDespite the embarrassment of employing a malfunctioning sound system the Department of Geological Survey continued to officially open its new buildings in Lobatse.

Minister of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources Kitso Mokaila expressed his happiness at what he called a special moment for the Department of Geological Survey staff and the people of Lobatse at large. Minister Mokaila explained the role of the department from as far as when it was still called the Department of Geological Survey and Mining during the year of 1970 to 1973.

"This department's mandate includes exploration of minerals such as coal, diamond and other minerals," he revealed.
The minister also showed the importance of that department by mentioning Morupule, Kgaswe and Mmamabule among projects he described as good results of the Department of Geological Survey.

He assured the people of Lobatse even though there is talk of transforming the department into the Geological Survey Institute, his ministry will do everything in its power to retain the staff of the department and work hard to ensure there are no job losses.

"I will like to take this moment to assure you all that even though this department will be transformed in to the Geological Survey Institute, any thoughts of early exits of the staff here will be our last option," said Mokaila.

He said, "Yes, the Geological Survey institute will require people of a certain calibre but we as a ministry will try by all means possible to retain as much staff as we can here in Lobatse.

In his welcoming remarks the Director of the Department of Geological Survey Ngwisanyi said he was happy with the opening of this new building as this is going to improve the working conditions of the staff in the department.

"This building is going to boost the moral of the staff, I am not saying everything is well with them because we still have a problem regarding the air conditioning aspect," revealed Ngwisanyi.

The building consists of an auditorium that can hold a capacity of up to 194 people and new laboratories that will be used by the department's technicians.

The Member of Parliament for Lobatse Nehemiah Modubule, thanked the minister for conducting the official opening ceremony even though it should have happened a long time ago.

He also expressed happiness concerning the minister's promise to the people of Lobatse that job losses would be minimized.

"I am very happy that you have made the same promise that you made to in parliament here in front of all these people," said Modubule. He maintained that he hoped that the issue should not be dealt with like the also the Lobatse College of Education and the High Court Headquarters that the state has take away from the small town inexplicably.

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