Kanye West residents denied access to water

Officials have admitted the areas of Lodubeng and Mheelo on the western part of Kanye are outside the water works boundary and that it is difficult for residents to be provided with water. It has also been indicated that it is unlikely that water will be provided to these areas at a determinable date in future.

"I am aware that the areas of Lodubeng and Mheelo are outside the water works boundary for Kanye and of the difficulty experienced by the resident in accessing water service. Currently an estimated 2000 plots have been allocated in these unserviced areas," said Ponatshego Kedikilwe, Vice President and Minister of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources in Prliament Wednesday.

He said, "This situation is mainly due to the current inadequate water supply reticulation system(low pressure) and the unstable water source to sustain both the expanding Kanye and Moshupa villages. The current situation is that the total demand for Kanye and Moshupa is 17 539.5 m3/day against a total supply of 11 625.3 m3/day hence a total deficit of 5 914.2m3/day."

According to officials the process of extending the water works boundary is determined by the adequacy of water supply source and the adequacy of the reticulation system in place. Where both the water source and the reticulation system have adequate capacity and funding is available the water works area can be extended.

"In the case of Mheelo and Lodubeng, due to inadequate water supply and low reticulation network pressure it is not possible to extend the water works areas without the connection of Kanye to the North South Carrier(NSC) pipeline to address the inadequacy of water supply to the village. The designs for this project have been completed and the tender process will effect in September 2012 and construction is estimated to be concluded by June 2015," said Kedikilwe.

He said, "Rehabilitation of the water supply network in Kanye to increase capacity and pressure. This project which includes the two areas is at final design stage. However due to financial constraints, the project has not yet been financed for construction."

Kedikilwe however acknowledged that he was not in a position to say when the two areas will be part of the water works areas to provide water services to the residents.

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