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1-indexDr Prince Dibeela has worked as an advocate for democratic leadership in Botswana and throughout Southern Africa. He has served as host of a programme of national conversations in Botswana on issues of leadership, multi-party democracy, land policy and church state relations.

He has also worked as a trainer in the areas of Conflict Resolution through mediation, overcoming HIV and AIDS, Community Organizing and Mobilization. Since 2002 Dr Dibeela has at different times served as convenor, mediator and arbiter in efforts to build a broad based corporation between opposition parties in Botswana.

He is a member of the Botswana National Front and represented the party as parliamentary candidate at the last general elections. He has also served as Chairperson of the BNF Southern Region.

The Botswana National Front celebrated its golden jubilee in 2015. We go to the National Congress in July 2016 to elect a leadership that will begin our journey into the next half century of our movement. I have, after cajoling and encouragement by fellow comrades, offered myself to serve as Vice President, if elected, by the masses that will throng the up-coming congress.

I therefore commit myself before God and the cadres of our beloved BNF to focus on the following areas in order to take our movement into the future:

Supporting Cde President Duma Boko in the exercise of his duties

We have to recognize that our President, Cde Duma Boko has quite a lot of responsibilities. His major responsibilities include the following; President of the Botswana National Front, President of the Umbrella for Democratic Change, Leader of Opposition in parliament, Member of Parliament for Bonnington North Constituency and Botswana Representative at the Africa Inter-Parliamentary Forum. He is also newlywed and has responsibilities as a father and husband.

This is quite a handful for one person, and he therefore needs someone who will deputize him with a sense of keenness and empathy for him and our movement. I believe I have the leadership experience as well as the necessary attributes to complement the work and support the revolutionary leadership that Cde Boko already provides for the BNF. My role will therefore be to support both Cde Boko and other cdes in their different leadership roles in the Central Committee in order to strengthen our organisation.

Strengthening UDC Partnership to form next government

The BNF is part of the Umbrella for Democratic Change which is the political instrument that will lead Batswana to true freedom at the next election. The BNF is not just a part of the UDC, it is a vanguard party, one that ought to be at the front both in the shaping of policy and provision of leadership within the Umbrella. We need a party that is able to adapt to changing situations and rise to the occasion at critical moments. The UDC is being infiltrated by reactionary elements who are in effect agents of the BDP. In my role as Vice President I shall assist in deepening the analysis of what is going on and help the movement in formulating a united response to such attacks.

BNF as one of the founder members of the UDC and indeed an organization fully committed to political and economic liberation of several marginalized and impoverished masses is more than ever through UDC dedicated to winning the 2019 general elections. If voted BNF VP, I will redouble my efforts to ensure that UDC achieves this goal. BDP's misrule, lack of accountability and corruption requires selfless and visionary leadership.

BNF Office

In my engagement with the office I have become aware that we can introduce several initiatives that could assist us to function and reach out to our electorate more proficiently. We need basic things such as a telephone line, reliable internet connection, as well as adequate board rooms and office equipment to enable us to be effective in our service provision. Further, the effectiveness of our office can be enhanced through improved human capacity and professionalism. It is my determination to work as part of the leadership team of our movement to calibrate our office and improve it so that it can have the necessary technical capacity to render professional services and hospitality to the public.

Building Party Structures and Political Education

The BNF, save for a few areas, barely has functional structures. As Vice President I plan to avail myself to work with colleagues in the Central Committee, the leagues and the Regional committees to build structures across the country. The life-blood of any revolutionary party is based on functional structures and cadres who are committed to the struggle for justice and true freedom of their people and the continent. The only way that we can attain state power is through a process of conscientiousness of our people. Such a process will assist in De-toxifying the minds of our people from the political propaganda that says 'we are free', 'we are non-violent', 'we are economically better than other Africans, 'the BDP is our only saviour' and a host of other political lies. We need to build a movement of cadres who are politically astute and thirsty for the dethroning of the capitalist regime. I pledge to assist in developing a coordinated programme of building structures and a robust political education programme.


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