Opposition Youth League’s rally behind Ditlhong

Opposition youth leagues will be gathered together in Ramotswa for the Botswana Congress Party youth league's youth conference this weekend.

The BCP Youth League has invited the Umbrella for Democratic Change Youth League to join in the event, which they will use to appeal to the youth in the area in an effort to garner votes for the party's candidate Seitiso Ditlhong to be their councillor.

Speaking in an interview with The Tswana Times, the Botswana Congress Party Youth League President Tumiso Rakgari said "We are having a youth conference in Ramotswa this Saturday in order to appeal to the youth to vote for our candidate, Seitiso Ditlhong who is a lady."

The event is said to be open to anyone regardless of party affiliations as the BCPYL wishes to disseminate information to youth on why they should choose Ms Ditlhong come July 16. Rakgari added that: "All are invited to come through this Saturday especially the youth."

The BCP and its Youth League will not be the only party present this Saturday, as the Umbrella for Democratic Change Youth League President and his deputy will be there. Parties under the umbrella have also confirmed their presence as well as the likes of Mbaakanyi Smart from the Botswana People Party Youth League, the Botswana Movement for Democracy Youth League and the Botswana National Front Youth League.

The youth conference can be seen as BCP's way of providing a nod of approval to forming a coalition with the UDC. The Botswana Congress Party(BCP) has invited the Umbrella for Democratic Change(UDC) to assist them in their campaign.

The Botswana National Front Publicity secretary Nakoentle Katisi confirmed their presence saying, "We have been invited by the BCP Youth League and we decided to accept their invitation to join them this Saturday in Ramotswa."

He added that, "The event is important as it will show our intention to work together as the opposition."

The shortage of funds has been the only setback in the party's attempts to run the campaign effectively to seal victory. "The challenges we have encountered, I would say is the shortage of funds but otherwise there have not been any other challenges," observed Rakgari.

The youth conference will be the first of its kind as all four youth league presidents from the umbrella will be present alongside the BCP Youth League President on Saturday in Ramotswa.


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