BCP officially unveils Kapinga

The Botswana Congress Party(BCP) has officially unveiled Kenny Kapinga as its new recruit to the party member, during the party’s press conference this morning.

Kapinga, formerly Deputy of the Botswana Police Services and the Botswana Ambassador to Zimbabwe joined BCP recently after he announced his retirement from the public service after having served the country for than 30 years.  He joins BCP and he is expected to be representing the party in his home constituency of Okavango, which was left without a BCP representative following the departure of current area MP, Bagalatia Arone who defected to the ruling party, Botswana Democratic Party a fortnight ago

Kapinga said that he joins BCP because he has no confidence in current BDP led government. 

“Many people still don’t believe or that is in not possible that someone who has been a member of the law enforcement agency cannot join the opposition,” said Kapinga. 

He complained that government since 2008 has been appointing some people to certain positons due to favors and disadvantaging suitable people with relevant qualifications to the posts.

He also revealed that the ruling party approached him to join them in and represent them in the 2014 general elections and he was promised the Police Commissioner should he join the BDP. 

“The BDP approached me in 2014 elections to contest for parliamentary seat under their ticket. They even promised me should I take their offer, I will become a Police Commissioner without any difficult, but I snubbed their proposal,” revealed Kapinga.

The former diplomat said he joins Botswana Congress Party, because he considered the interests of the constituents and what they believe in, adding that is not the matter of where one has worked before.

For his part, the BCP leader Dumelang Saleshando said they are delighted to welcome a member of the caliber of Kapinga , saying Kapinga is an experienced individual who can turn the fortunes of the party around saying they kept his recruitment secret to give space for the recruiters to deal with it confidently.

Saleshando maintained that Kapinga is joining the party through his home constituency, where he enjoys respect amongst party followers. 

“Kapinga is joining the BCP under his Okavango constituency and we also hope that his rich  background will also help in the opposition unity talks,” added Saleshando.

Kapinga worked as a Deputy Police Commissioner, and was deployed from his position, before he was appointed ambassador to South Africa and Zimbabwe respectively before his retirement from the public service.


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