Boko slams Ipelegeng and Poor Infrastructure - Calls for equal support of professions by government

The leader of Opposition and also Member of Parliament for Gaborone Bonnington North, Duma Boko has slammed the government poverty eradication scheme Ipelegang saying that it is not taking Batswana out of poverty.

He also said that government programmes combating poverty alleviation are confusing, as they are not addressing abject poverty experienced in some corners of the country.

“Government should consult us and we will give them a suitable model that it can be used to address and reduce poverty rate among Batswana, and come up with better initiative than Ipelegeng,” said Boko.

He said that government should adopt initiatives that can be able to address poverty to the best possible extent, citing poverty eradication schemes such as Bolsa Familia or Family Stipend introduced by former Brazilian president Luiz Lula Da Silva in 2003, aimed at reducing absolute poverty by assisting the poor and extremely poor families.

While commenting on lack of adequate infrastructure, Boko lamented that poor infrastructure especially in schools shows a lack of seriousness by the Ministry of Basic Education in ensuring that facilities that students are learning from are in good condition.

“Poor infrastructure in schools is affecting the performance of students and maintenance measures of classes should be put in place to enhance conducive environment for learning” he added. Boko also spoke about complained about the IT aspect in most government departments saying it is a norm that most of the times IT system are down.

He also decried power outages especially in Tlokweng, saying that whenever there is slight drizzle there are power cuts.

The Gaborone Bonnington North legislature also pleaded that the government should ensure equal and balanced support of professionals by saying Botswana Institute of Chartered Accountants (BICA) is supported while others are not.

“Government support for BICA is uncalled off while legal professions are sidelined and do not get any assistance which is not good and for all professionals who should be given equal assistance by the government,” observed Boko.


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