Masisi scores landslide clinching BDP Chairmanship

The Vice President Mokgweetsi Masisi scored a landslide victory over the weekend that saw him emerge as the BDP Party Chairman.

The VP, also Moshupa /Manyana MP won the party chairmanship over the weekend during the party’s national congress held in Tonota on Saturday July (8).

Masisi garnered 769 votes against Selibe -Phikwe east legislator and
Minister of Infrastructure, Science and Technology Nonofho Molefhi who
walked away with only 261.

Masisi outshined, outperformed and set himself apart from fellow democrat
and rival by a whopping margin of 508 votes.

The heavily publicized and contested chairmanship battle had attracted
observers and was interesting to watch in that it had divided the party
into factions being Banonofi and Resisibetse camps who fought tooth and
nail to the bitter end.

University of Botswana Political analyst Ronald Badubi observes that the
results shows that the BDP has trust in Masisi. “BDP members have shown
that they have trust in Masisi as the incoming leader of the party and
country,’’observed Badubi.

Badubi hopes that Masisi’s victory will give the BDP a new lease of life,
saying that given Masisi’s landslide victory, chances are that the whole
party will rally behind him leaving little chance for factionalism which
the BDP has been known for over the years.

“Given the resounding victory and his lobby list, one is tempted to
conclude that the whole BDP will rally around him, hence there are limited
or no chances of internal instability or factionalism,’’he added.

Ronald Badubi maintains the BDP was experiencing was not entirely fights
that could put the party in dire straits but rather fights showing intra-
party democratic contest for leadership,

“One expects a bit of political banter and mutual bashing from competing
camps,’’said Badubi.

According to Badubi, Masisi’s triumph at the central committee elections
will draw much attention from various stake holders who will be closely
monitoring the affairs of the BDP and Masisi at the helm of the ruling

“The country is bracing itself for a Masisi Presidency now that he has
eliminated his competition within the party,’’concluded Badubi.

Masisi is expected to automatically assume the Presidency seat next year till 2019 and his 2 year duration will be a test of character for him as it will determine whether his Party continues ruling post 2019 when the country goes to the polls.


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