Bitter - Sweet BMD Love Affair May Give Birth To New Party

The Botswana Movement for Democracy Movement (BMD) faction led by Ndaba
Gaolathe is allegedly in the process of forming a new party after a faction
run by Advocate Sidney Pilane sabotaged what many sympathisers believe was
an effort to hold a properly constituted Congress.

Sources close to developments have revealed that that the troubled faction
of Ndaba Gaolathe is likely to form a new party that will be called the
Botswana People’s Movement.

The move was allegedly triggered by a failed BMD compromise that saw the
fractured party come out of the July elective conference more divided than
ever. This week Advocate Sidney Pilane’s faction requested for a deferment
of the National Executive Committee (NEC) hearing on the failed BMD
National Conference to September.

The move triggered irate responses from the Ndaba faction sympathizers who
took their displeasure to social media. Jacob Jacques Kelebeng wrote, “We
have been so committed to the UDC intervention process, even when they
postpone the matter further we waited. Pilane led NEC failed to appear
before UDC, undermining all efforts made by UDC, we are still here,’’ said
the UDC youth activist.

“As if it’s not enough there comes the BCP spokesperson also an MP speaking
in parables and all semantics unleashing terror us. I don’t remember any
official statement from Ndaba Gaolathe led team that pronounced the
formation of a new party,’’ said Kelebeng.

Mogoditshane MP, Sedirwa Kgoroba wrote what sounded like an informal tip
off about ongoing efforts to form a new party as they smell a rat over
delays by Sidney Pilane to appear before UDC Executive.

“It’s time to go bo Mk. My person is deficient of denialism. It’s time to
go so lets go. BMD is just a road sign, which can be knocked down and be
replaced by a new one. Of essence is the direction where we are going not a
sign post, It’s time to go let us go,” said Kgoroba.

Two names are allegedly being proposed for new party, being  Botswana
Progressive Movement and Botswana People’s Movement with the party
executive set to make a choice soonest.

University of Botswana (UB) Teaching Assistant, Ronald Seabo Badubi asserts
that the formation of a new party will benefit the Botswana Democratic
Party(BDP) and be a blow to the fledgeling UDC.

“The formation of a new party would undermine what was becoming a two party
system. A splinter party from the opposition would be of benefit to the
ruling party and a setback for the UDC,’’ said the analyst.

Badubi dismissed reports of Ndaba led BMD forming a new party as pure

“UDC should move swiftly and act decisively to avoid the formation of a
party by Gaolathe and his colleagues,’’ he said.

According to Badubi the new party would erode the base of the current
political landscape.

“It would undermine what was becoming a competitive two party system,’’
stressed Badubi.

A new party comes at a wrong time for the UDC, whose political nemesis
President Lieutenant General Seretse Khama Ian Khama will be stepping down
in April 2018. In 2014 the BDP electoral performance declined to less than
50% for the first time in Botswana’s post colonial political history with
the combined opposition vote amounting to 53 %(UDC) to 47% (BDP).

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