Gaolathe Faction Rejects UDC Power Sharing Proposal

The Ndaba Gaolathe led faction of the Botswana Movement for Democracy(BMD) Wednesday rejected a proposal to share power with a faction led by Advocate Sidney Pilane and  announced their new party which shall be called the Alliance for Progressives(AP) or the purple movement as he put it.

Speaking yesterday to multitudes who thronged the Ave Maria Conference Venue yesterday evening he made it clear that history books were to be written again in Botswana Politics with Botswana Movement for Democracy giving birth to another baby – a new political home for young people fighting for change.

Gaolathe’s first few words struck a chord with many keen to establish a party after a failed and bloody violent Congress.

“We gathered here to reveal the only option that remains for us as progressive leaders with or without the BMD,’’said  Gaolathe.

Progressives believe that everyone can become anything they wish and dream of said the soft spoken Ndaba Gaolathe. Gaolathe further disclosed that the verdict given by the UDC wanted them to work towards a united coalition something which he dismissed.

“We have no reason to stop the UDC from recognizing the Matshekge group,’’ he said.

Gaolathe was of the view that ‘Matshekge group’ as he referred to the Pilane faction had in the view of his detractors become a legitimate and recognized group of the BMD.

Gaolathe rubbished the power sharing verdict that was recommended by the President of the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC)’s Duma Boko.

“We will not exercise any position or whatsoever granted upon us to take the position of the BMD,’’added Gaolathe.

He stressed, ”Matshekge group can keep their positions, there will be no disputes.’’

Gaolathe who in the past has won many hearts and who is believed to be the “Moses” of his generation, who like the Biblical Moses who led the children of Israel from the wilderness to the promised land.

“The big picture is that our generation needs to secure a new Botswana,’’ Gaolathe said.

In discarding the UDC verdict Gaolathe was keen on guarding their political values jealously as he said that no one was supposed to undermine them since it will be a threat to democracy.

“The UDC verdict is a classic example of a threat to our core values,’’he maintained.

Gaolathe noted that,  “This for us and all progressives around the country does not constitute to political differences, it is clear sign of day light criminal.”

The Former BMD activist indicated that negotiating with the Pilane group will compromise their values and insisted that his party’s firmness on the matter should not be classified as hatred.

Furthermore he mentioned that they were denied the chance for a congress re-run even though the events leading to Bobonong left many people within the BMD feeling homeless.

”People need to regain their voices,” said Gaolathe. He said, “For the past few months we were blamed for everything that is wrong in our politics.”

Gaolathe announced that after thoughtful thinking and taking responsibility he and other members of the leadership eventually decided to let the voices of the masses prevail.

“We have decided to go with the will of the people, where we were naked we now will wear purple, where we were homeless and without paper work we will now  have a name ,we have a new name the Alliance for Progressives ,” said Gaolathe.

Gaolathe encouraged the masses to join the new party and assured them that they had arrived at the decision with clear minds and no regrets whatsoever.

He announced, “People of Botswana must be assured that the AP wants to unite the entire nation from different backgrounds.’’

Gaolethe dismissed the prospect of an opposition coalition saying that it will be dependent on how the UDC treads with regard to the honesty, integrity, commitment core that he believed should come first.

The Alliance for Progressives (AP) is expected to meet in October for an official launch of the party and for a new progressive formation that will be inclusive for all with efforts underway to draft the constitution, party colours, and slogan over the coming month.

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